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Playtech are one of the biggest names in online casino software and game development to be found anywhere in the world. Founded in 1999, they’re an industry leader. They’re even listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Playtech claims that it is the world’s biggest and best at what it does which is programing internet casino games. Not many would disagree. They have few rivals to match them.

It used to be that you’d have to travel by car, bus or rail to get to a real life venue and play all the games you enjoy. Now that’s all changed. You can even play from the beach on the sand!

Playtech Casinos

There are hundreds of these casinos online. Here are just a few. These casinos are usually owned by someone else but they have written the software on which they run and operate, and sometimes host them.

Bet 365 – A best-known playtech casino. They offer a huge matching bonus and live dealer play. With playtech poker and much more you can be sure the quality of this casino is top-notch and you won’t get much better anywhere else.

Paddy Power – It seems the best brands go with the best developer. Paddy Power is one of the biggest names online. Their casino offers a massive 100% matching bonus and you can choose live dealer games if that’s what you prefer and you can guaranteed you can trust this global brand name in betting.

William Hill – Yet another big hitter chooses them. William Hill is one of the biggest names in betting. You can find their shops all over the UK and they also have a strong online presence offering deposit bonuses and all the games you can imagine and a no deposit bonus.

Genting – Playtech Asia is also a presence on the contient. Genting is a big name casino provider from Malaysia. You can play playtech slots and many other games at their online casinos and they have a great matching bonus scheme as well as fast payouts which aren’t limited.

Betfair – Yes, another huge name casino. Is there any casino that doesn’t choose them. Betfair is a best-know brand in the industry and now they have an online casino you can enjoy too as well as slot games and much more.

With their deposit bonus you can enjoy free playtech slots. Deposits are free play for you. Just make a deposit to your account and you’ll be playing for free before you know it spinning and even perhaps winning? – The name says it all. This is one of the biggest online casinos. Again it was created by master developer playtech and has every game imaginable in endless varieties as well as various bonus schemes and fast payouts to entice you to play.

Playtech free slots are available here, too. They offer free spins to new players. If you love slots and pokies then this is the site for you as you can find all kinds of variety and unique versions.

Ladbrokes – Ladbrokes is a huge name in Britain and Australia. They are known for their sports and other betting. Ladbrokes have now moved into the world of online gambling and casinos and offer the full range of games you can expect anywhere allowing you to win big from home.

They also offer a tasty matching bonus. You can enjoy free play with them as a result. Playtech have created all of their software and platforms and thus they are trustworthy, secure and enjoyable.

Ipoker – They even developed their own playtech poker app. Ipoker was developed for use by supported sites. It’s safe, secure and one of the best poker apps in the world as evidenced by the fact that it is used by some many sites across the internet.

You can find the full spectrum of games here. They don’t just specialize in one thing. With Playtech you can enjoy slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many of your other favourite games you can play at any normal bricks and mortar establishment.

Why is Playtech Plc so Popular and Respected?

By now it should be clear that playtech are a major name. Why is that so? There must be a reason for one company to come and so utterly dominate and industry and be respected by some of the biggest casino owners in the game?

  • They’re reliable. Reliability is number one in this game. You don’t want software that freezes, stalls, blinks out, buffers and causes problems in live games which could cause you to drop out of a game or lose your winnings.

They have a proven track record for reliability. They release close to flawless platforms. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be trusted by some of the biggest names in the game and wouldn’t have such a sterling reputation.

  • The security is awesome. The last thing you want is hackable software. With so many undesirable characters on the internet who will hack into your account and steal your jackpots at a moment’s notice, you want a tight security app or platform which they provide.
  • The quality is second to none. These games are world-class developed. You won’t find better games at other online casinos and the flawless game play is one of the biggest reasons they have such a good name in the industry.
  • Ability to meet multiple demands. They can provide mobile optimized games too. You can rarely find a company which can take care of your needs across multiple platforms, in multiple programming languages, and develop games optimized for several different operating systems.

The Future

As mobile gaming continues to grow so will this company. They have positioned themselves well. It is estimated that 3 billion more people are due to come online and take advantage of the internet within the next 20 years as mobile devices and computers become faster, cheaper and easier to access which will undoubtedly keep their investor relations good.

This company is already positioned as an industry leader. They’re likely to stay in that position. The real question is how many of the people who are due to come online will be wanting to play casino games online and how many more sites are going to spring up to serve them?

The answer is probably a large percentage of them. Casino games are already hugely popular on the web. You can bet your bottom dollar that many of the people who have still to connect in the future will be wanting to enjoy some of the same games you do.

Playtech is going to benefit from this. You can guarantee that. Why would developers from ltd companies and individuals trust anybody else when it comes to developing their games and platforms than the very best of the best in the field? If you want know more about them, visit their site

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